Common Internet Service Issues And Simple Solutions

We have all experienced problems with our internet connections at one time or another. And while some of the symptoms may be much different from what we may be used to, the solutions can be simple. One such issue can occur when your router is properly connected, but your modem, for some reason, is not online. This issue is evident if you ping your router successfully, but cannot ping the modem. If this is the case, you can try power-cycling the modem, which involves unplugging the power cable from your modem and router. Wait 60 seconds, and then plug everything back in.


You may have experienced an inability to connect to the internet due to your TCP/IP connection becoming corrupt. This issue can be solved by going into your DOS prompt, and then typing ipconfig /flushdns. Following this, type netsh int ip reset c:tcp.tct. Then, enter netsh winsock reset. This should restore your internet service. If the issue of no connectivity remains after trying this solution, then it may be that the Ethernet Adapter has become corrupted and needs to be changed. There are many other common issues that plague internet users, most of which can be fixed quickly and easily.

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