Is The Raw Food Plan One Of The Best Diets For Weight Loss?

Few people who are thinking about going on a diet ever consider a raw food plan. After all, many dieters wish to continue eating foods that are cooked. But being on a raw food plan doesn’t mean that everything you has to eat has to be uncooked. The raw food diet consists of about 75% plant food. The percentage of cooked food consumed is only cooked to about 115 degrees F at the most. As for animal products, the raw food plan can include sea foods as well as raw milk and raw milk cheese, raw fish and certain kinds of raw meat.

A word of caution: the raw food diet can cause cravings for cooked food. Should this happen, experts advise against shifting back to cooked food too quickly, as this can cause problems with digestion. Being on the low calorie, high nutrient content contained in a raw food diet can offer much in the way of benefits that even the best diets for weight loss may not be able to match. Of course, before beginning any diet, it’s advised that you consult with your physician to ensure that the plan you’re considering is safe for you.

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