The Serious Nature of Home Invasions

There are quite a number of extremely serious scenarios that can develop when the security of a home is breached. Among the least troubling would be a run of the mill burglary. While a major crime, burglary is a crime against property. Your home is broken into and property is either stolen, damaged or both. Obviously, you will want to have the person that commits a burglary arrested. Not everyone, however, takes burglaries all that serious. They figure since the issue is only property, they do not have to go through the huge costs of paying for home security systems. Such an attitude is not only wrongheaded, it is downright dangerous.

There is another crime against your home that can prove to be a huge threat. This would be a home invasion. Home invaders are significantly more dangerous than burglars. Ironically, the same security systems that can deter burglars can also deter a home invader.

The Nature of Home Invasions

Home invaders are different than burglars. Burglars will want to break into a home when the residents are out. Frequently, burglars will move quickly and try to get what they are looking for and get out of the house. This is NOT to suggest burglars are not violent. However, they do wish to avoid confronting anyone. Hence, they wait until no one is home before breaching entry.

Home invaders have a completely different and more violent mentality. They directly wish to confront homeowners. Their goal is to force the occupants of the home to give them money, jewelry or drugs. In some cases, the home invaders may be interested in brutalizing those they attack. Once the true danger level of these criminals is revealed, it becomes necessary to take the right steps to ensure they cannot break into a home.

Common Sense Steps to Prevent Attacks By Home Invaders

There are quite a few common sense steps that can be taken to reduce the potential of a home invasion. No one could ever say there are methods that could make a home invasion possible. However, there are certain vulnerabilities home invaders wish to exploit. As long as you know these vulnerabilities, you can shore them up making a home less likely for targeting.

What do you need?

  • A high quality alarm system that will alert neighbors of an invasion.
  • Strong locks on doors and windows to make sneaking or breaking into a home extremely difficult
  • Lights, particularly motion sensor ones, on the exterior of the property
  • A comprehensive security system that extends to the perimeter of the property making access harder

Again, nothing can be done to completely eliminate the possibility of a home invasion. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of such an occurrence happening familiarizing yourself with these steps is definitely advisable.

A Solid Resource

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