Password Creation For More Security Surfing Via Internet Providers By Zip Code

With more and more people getting online every day, the requirements for passwords has changed. No longer do we only have to worry about being limited to a certain number of characters. Now, our passwords must contain a combination of characters in both upper and lower case, plus numbers. This increased complexity has many wanting to pull their hair out in frustration. But many others are wondering whether this complexity in password construction will actually result in more security. Some say that a long password – say, a long word – is less secure than the password type mentioned above.

The truth is that the long-word password offers much more in the way of security than a complex one. As many studies have revealed, the complex password creation process can cause much more stress than the one word password creation experience. While these complex passwords are stressful, the bottom line is that they are the less secure option when logging into accounts via internet providers by zip code. As far as password complexity goes, some say that less stress would be experienced over complex password creation if there were a higher character limit without all of the case and numerical character restrictions. It’s a good thing that research has already proven this likely to be so.

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